¿Por qué estoy aquí?

Ha buscado en la web tuCiudad.apartments,
y se le redirige aquí, al corazón del proyecto GLocal.Iberia . 
Este sitio es uno de los miles de sitios
que componen el proyecto Glocal.apartments.
Si está aquí, es porque aún no hemos identificado 
al administrador local de esta ciudad.
Es un proyecto global, 
globalmente integrado por .apartments, 
pero gestionado muy localmente, con pasión.

Un proyecto creado para acoger a personas 
de todo el mundo en su ciudad y por eso, obviamente, 
este sitio de coordinación está íntegramente en inglés.

Si quiera saber más sobre el proyecto 
o involucrarse, siga leyendo ... ¡bienvenido!

¡ HOLA !

Iberia .apartments  

part of GLocal.apartments,

the greatest e-project 

in real estate 

and tourism hospitality ever !

The first and the sole e-Mall

for Spanish & Portuguese Estate 

We globally promote the apartments of any local community in 
Spain & Portugal 
We globally promote any local community 

through their apartments.


(Work in progress , we will be ready soon !)

You know the value of  ".apartments " on the web 

and also the value of Spain & Portugal 

anywhere else in the world; 

put them together and you will multiply the value...

and now, multiply by a hundred (and more)!

An innovative e-project, 

definitely out of the box !

(una locura total !)

Our story

is an odd story

extremely unusual

but very interesting 

and it has just begun ...

Sit down and listen carefully ... 

Our e-existence is a matter of SEO, isn't it ?

SEO the other way around

With any sitename.anyTLD,
e.g. mysite.com, yoursite.es, hissite.pt ,
to look for new customers or visitors
you have to invest in your e-visibility.
Promoting your brand
and making it matching
with what customers need
is the first and the hardest task
when you launch your e-activity
and every single day of your e-existence.

Investing in Search Engine Optimisation
is fundamental,
and more and more demanding,
competition is harder and harder
and the risk of disappearing
from the first page of the searches
is always the worst menace.
On the web there are few exceptions,
and we have used the most powerful one
to tackle the SEO problem
the other way around:
instead of promoting our brand,
we exist as : WHERE.WHAT

customers looking for apartments in a city
will certainly start by searching
"apartments" in that "city",
and SEO algorithms
will start listing their proposals
from the cleanest result:
First page.

Gathering here
the most relevant
Spanish and Portuguese
city names.apartments

anybody who is interested 
in apartments there,
both for tourism 
or for real estate opportunities,
will land here.

Welcome to the most valuable 
Iberian Estate e-Mall in the world !
We are almost ready to open.

The others...

People usually use 
a site "city.apartments" 
for promoting their specific product,
their real estate agency, 
or even their own B&B; 

so the potential of this extension 
for promoting the global value 
of this unique pairing
is largely wasted.

Our Project

We intend to create 
the greatest pole of attraction 
for the e-customers
from all over the world
who are interested 
in an apartment 
in Spain & Portugal,
whatever the reason,
whatever the location.

The greatest Iberian Virtual Mall 
on earth ... sorry, on the net.

An e-Mall in which 
any single valuable and peculiar
location in the peninsula 
and in its islands 
has its own e-shop,
for tourism or for real estate purposes.

GLocal : Think Globally, act Locally. 

Our business is GLocal, our future is GLocal, 

our partners are GLocal, our customers are GLocal.

Our mission is to serve
our global customers, 

helping them to take the best 
from our local communities,

and helping our local providers 
to open to the global market,
entering the future 
with the best of our past 
and traditions.

Our mission is
bridging the gap 
due to the languages 
and to the fact that 
many masterpieces 
in Spain and in Portugal 
are covered by the dust 
of stereotypical clichés, 
by the lack of communication, 
and by the difficulties 
 of tackling an 
unknow bureaucracy.

50% of the time in the Global, 
on the social media
with our future customers.
50% Local, on field, knowing partners, structures,
guests and clients.

Our goal 
with our customers 
is to say 
"welcome back!"

It means 
making our guests thinking of maybe coming back 
for their next vacation,

and having the investors contacting us 
for a second bargain 
or for introducing a friend to us.

It means reliability, transparency, and professionalism.

Last, but not least (at all!) 
it means to live and love 
the territory, 
to know the persons, 
the tradition, 
and the organizations 
from one side, 

but also to speak fluent English and at least one more language, being masters in communication and in new technologies.

Do you want to manage
one of our e-shops
in a Spanish or 
in a Portuguese 
location ?

You have to live in it, 
and you have to love it.

You will propose
the local partners 
to be proposed 
to our global customers,

 knowing them 
and their portfolios 
personally and in advance.

Fluent English 
and a decent second language 
are required 
along with a good knowledge 
of communication 
tools and media.

Last but not least, 
professionalism and passion.

We know we are looking 
for unique people, that’s why we offer a unique opportunity !

Do you want to enter 
a partnership ?

We ask you 
fluent English (at least), 
service attitude, 
the effective use of some communication tool, 
fairness, and reliability.

We commit 
to grant for you 
as if you were part of our team 
and to support you 
with all our communication tools and with our own face 
every time 
we introduce a new customer.

You could be present 
in these e-shops

When we open, 
we will display the best offers 
related to the very specific 
location covered by the e-shop

More than forty specific e-shops are going to be open soon 
in this great Iberian Estate e-Mall

Our sites will propose and handle two separate sections, 
merging only into the Local Blog, focussed on the whole aspects of the area:

One section for tourists 
and one for real estate investors, 
providing both with multilingual market analysis, local information, and constant update on the related topics

We will not sell apartments, 

we will provide

and reliability .

we want to be the funnel connecting

the world to the spot, 

trustfully and professionally.

You could be present in these e-shops

When we open, 
we will display the best offers available 
in that very specific place,  
from top cities like Lisbon or Cordoba
to smaller but still important towns 
through all Spain & Portugal, 
from Cadiz to Irun, 
from Compostela to Almeria, 
to the most strategic tourist areas, 
from Formentera to  Oporto.

More than fifty specific e-shops are going to be open soon 
in this great Iberian Estate e-Mall

Would you like to display your offer in our e-shops ?

Would you like to have a dedicated corner in one or more e-shops ?

Would you like to manage the e-shop of the city where you live in ?

          Contact us and apply

You may also decide to take the chance, fund the project and enter the venture. 
(We need arms and ammunition, 
we do not need more captains!) 

Here our great and unique e-shops ! 

(these 114 are all .apartments owned sites)


Galicia , Asturias , Cantabria, 

Biscay , Basque ,  Vizcaya ,  

Navarra, LaRioja , Aragon , Catalunya , Cataluna 

Castilla , Leon , Murcia ,

Extremadura , LaMancha , Andalusia .



Irun , SanSebastian , Bilbao , 

Aviles , Laredo , Ferrol , Burgos ,

Oviedo , Vigo , Gijon , Lugo , 

SantiagodeCompostela ,
Compostela , LaCoruna ,

Pamplona , Tarragona , Zaragoza ,

Barcellona , Lerida , Lleida , 

Toledo , Benidorm , Denia ,  

Murcia , Badajoz ,  Gandia, 

Fuengirola , Cartagena ,
Alicante , Calp , Almeria ,

Sevilla , Seville , Jaen , Jerez ,

Cordoba , Cordova , Huelva, Cadiz ,
Alhaurin , Torremolinos , 
Mijas , NuevaAndalucia


Lisbon , Lisboa , Sintra , 
Oporto , Coimbra ,
Faro , Tomar ,

as ilhas

Funchal, Portosanto,

Azores ,  

SaoMiguel , PontaDelgada , Terceira , AngradoHeroismo,
Faial , Horta , Pico , Madalena , 
SaoJorge ,  Graciosa

las  islas


Maiorca , Formentera ,
Palmamallorca ,
PalmadeMallorca ,

PlayadelCarmen , 

Menorca , Minorca ,


canaryisland , canarias , islacanarias , canarie ,

GranCanaria , Arucas , Telde Maspalomas,  LasPalmas , Palmas 

Lanzarote , Arrecife ,  Teguise , PlayaBlanca , PuertodelCarmen , Tahiche , Fuerteventura , Jandia , CaletadeFuste , MorroJable , Corralejo , PuertoDelRosario

SantaCruzDeTenerife , SantaCruz , LosCristianos , PuertodeSantiago , PuertodelaCruz , LaPalma , LaGraciosa

Keep calm 


be patient, please  !

If you contact us, prepare your proposal 
and be ready to wait for a while.
We are receiving different offers  
for "setting and customizing the shop".

Once acknowledged the contact, 
we have decided not to answer immediately,
collect all the data and reflect a bit.

We feel that we are quite a unique product;
if you share our opinion, 
we rely upon your understanding.

¡Gracias!   ¡Hasta pronto!